So what have we been upto?

 Guinean Independence Day PARTY - 2011

 The Guinean independence day party was held at Maryhill Community Halls in Glasgow on Saturday the 8th of October. A lot of hard work from many people help to pull this celebration together and we would would like to thank then all for their support. There is however a few people who we would like to give a special thank you to:

Our Committee members who without their constant support and great input would not allow us to be the association that we are today.

Ms Kerry Gallagher Kaba for her continued support behind the scenes. She organised the majority of the aspects needed to hold an event. She has handled all the publicity for the association and has been our very own accountant. She helped source the venue, the performers and decorated the entire hall. 

The ladies of the Ivory Coast Association who cooked a fantastic buffet  with a range of foods from chicken to fish and salads to rice

Mr Erick V Mauricia from the African drumming performers, Ayawara. He supplied unique and energetic entertainment which fitted our event perfectly and along with our DJ Bamba, everyone partied all night.

Please continue to visit our site as during the next couple of weeks more photos and videos will be added. Also please don't hesitate to comment about your experience at our events on our Guest Book page. 




Guinean Independence Day - 2010


First of all we would like to thank everyone who showed up to our fabulous Independence Day celebration at the Premier Inn Hotel on the 2ed of October 2010. Over 140 guests attended and made it a night to remember and cherish.

There are a few people we would like to give a big thank you to.

We would like to thank Kerry Gallagher who has played a huge part in the organisation of the party and without her help the night may not have been such a success as it was. Also we would like to thank her for her overall support to the organisation throughout the year. She has helped the association to get on-line, think of ways to regenerate the organisation and doing as much as she can at any point possible to help.

We would also like to thank Boundiala Kouyate. He is a model member of our association and has never missed a monthly meeting despite any physical disabilities. He has been as proud of this organisation as we are of him and could not thank him enough for his support. Therefore we felt it appropriate to award Boundiala Kouyate member of the Year.

We would furthermore like to thank Aboubacar Barry. Aboubacar is possibly the most important person that has been a part of our association. He was the main person who put the idea of a group of Guineans standing together to help one another. Now a few years down the line we have made that idea into reality. We also gave Aboubacar an award for these reasons.


Awards for all

Scottish Refugee council

Drop In

Ivory Coast Organisation (of Coventry)

And all other Organisations that showed up.


Update - Guinean Independance

This year will be the 52nd Guinean Independence Day and we cannot wait to celebrate this wonderful day. All the details about this event are below. You should now have your invitations with the full details but if you need any more please get in touch.


Date: 2nd October 2010

Time: 18.30 - 00.30

Venue: Premier Inn Hotel, 80 Ballater Street, Gorbals,Glasgow, G5 0TW

Mid Year Celebration

A date and venue has now been decided for the mid-year celebration. 

Date: 10th August 2010

Time: 4pm

Venue: Flat 2/1, 583 Duke Street, G31 1PY

28th August 2010

Hi we would like to apologise for some updates on the latest news page of this website that have been deleted. If you have missed anything please get in touch and we will try to fill in the gaps. Thanks.


24th April 2010

Hello everyone. First of all we would like to apologise for not keeping the website up to date but we are on top of it now.

We would like to thank Awards For All, Scotland for funding us for this year. We are very grateful for there consideration of our organisation and we will use this funding to drive us forward into the future. Our special thanks go to Collin from the Refugee Council Community Development for all his support and work he contributed inorder for us to receive this funding.

In our latest meetings we have discussed the funding that our organisation will be supplied with. We are very luck to say that will be receiving a grant from Awards For All which will allow our meetings to operate to the level that we have hoped for. We will be using this money to hold monthly meetings, pay for transport to and from meetings; pay for equipment such as video camera and for celebrates such as the Guinean Independence Day. For any more details on how this money will be used please contact a member of the committee. The budget for this funding will be available to view on this site soon.

More projects are in the pipeworks once funding has been received!!!

We have discussed how we can encourage more members to attend monthly meetings and for new members to join. Advertising for the association will be put in place soon to enable a wide coverage and good publicity.

The Next meeting:  Will be held in Sighthill. For more detail please get in touch.

30th January 2010

Annual Election Metting 2010

At today's meeting we held elections for the committee who will represent and carry out the aims of the Guinean Association of Glasgow for the next 12 months.

We are very please with everyone's efforts and are glad to see that so many people attended and participated throughout the meeting.

Everyone who was elected today will be added to the committee page along with there role within the committee.

The Next meeting:  For more detail please get in touch.


28th November 2009

Today's meeting was also a celebration for Big Eid.

We would like to say a special salimafo to all our members and friends.

At today's meeting we talked about the constitution which has been updated by the community development department of the refugee council. This means that we have an official constitution which has to be followed by all members.

We have also elected two more people to join our committee which we are very happy about. These are Saran Diane and Fatou Sylla, so a big welcome and congratulations to them.

More updates will be added within the next few days so please check back soon.

31st October 2009

At today's meeting much was achieved.

Every member has correctly signed up to this organisation which will bring us becoming a proper charity even closer.

We have had a talk about the previous party for the Guinean Independence Day. All who attended today's meeting has agreed that the party was a success and well organised.

We also handed out a questionnaire to members asking for any improvements which this organisation could make. The results of this questionnaire should be posted shortly.

Pictures of this meeting please look at our picture gallery.


The Next Meeting

The Next meeting will be on the 31st October 2009 in Budhill (Sow's apartment) which is in the Eastend of Glasgow. For the full address please get in contact with us by phone or e-mail. (all details on the contact page)

If you would like anything to be on the agenda for discussion in the meeting, again don't hesitate to get in touch.

Everyone is welcome and hope to see you there.


3rd October 2009

Today we celebrated the 51st GUINEAN INDEPENDCE DAY by holding party situated in Sighthill, Glasgow.

It was a great turn out and brought many people together who had not previously known one another. With the tools of music, dance and food we all had a great night as you will be able to see from the pictures we took that night. (Picture Gallery)

During this event we held a one minute silence to respect those who died in a protest on Monday 28th September 2009.

We also held a small quiz in which we gave the winners a prise (t shirt, bag, key rings etc...)  with the Guinean Association of Glasgow's logo on them.

 If you attended this night could you please give us feed back on it by either e-mail us or leave a comment on our guest book.

 Guinean Association of Glasgow